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Just Bought AC-225-S Arc Welder Lincwelder !!


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Well It was a package deal $115...(got a bike with it, goes to my kid :*))

I don't have a stick welder and I hear they come in handy....

Any comments questions and suggestions are welcome...

Safety info is appreciated too!

I hear almost everyone has/had them at one time or another... Tombstone...Buzz Boxes....Is what I heard just today from friends that referred to it...Its AC only...

I have 7018 1/8" and 6011 1/8" &  5/32" sticks for it...



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Get a GOOD autodarkening helmet, a pair of welding gloves and multiple packages of ear plugs. The ear plugs are for keeping the junk and sputterballs out of your ears.

Pick up a spare front plastic cover for the lens of the hood, they collect sputterballs. Get cheaters for the back of the lens if needed.

Check the leads for any cracks in the insulation and replace them if needed.

You can now make your own chipping hammer. (grin)

Add cracker box to your list of names.


Initial setting would be to reduce the fractional size of the rod to a decimal for the dial. 1/8 inch would be 1 divided by 8 or 125 amps. Always have a good ground positioned close to the weld.

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I have a good auto darkening helmet....but now I think I will invest in another one, keep my good one for my mig and plasma....

I didn't count on the splatter attacking my shield...

Cracker Box!  This little red box is going to have a identity crisis...

So I guess I need to take alot more careful on where I weld .....love my mig clean and easy...but I hear good things about stick.. 

Any electrical shock warnings or issues? I heard it mentioned. But no scenarios or warnings yet heard.


Even though its on wheels, think I am going to make a cart for it, bigger tires for mobility out here in my sandy areas....

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Make a big wheeled dolly. Much easier to move that way.

Shock?  Nothing like a rod sticking and when you pull it from the metal it contacts and skips across or down your sweaty arm.

Just be sure the ground to the metal is better than the electric going through you to the ground. If you want to be a conductor, drive a train.

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I've never heard a tombstone buzz box called a cracker box. One of the rectangular buzz boxes like an old Sears Sureweld or Miller, you betcha, dem's cracker boxes. Lincoln buzz boxes look like a tombstone. Every olde time sparky knows that. B)

That's a good solid welder it'll last you a life time. If you're welding in the rain step AWAY from the grounded stock BEFORE changing rods! I used to keep a small rock to break the glassy slag off the ends of 7018 if I needed to re-strike an arc. It's a PITA but that very fluid, sticky glassy flux is one of the things that makes 7018 lay such smooth pretty beads it prevents the bead from fast freezing so it wets at the edges and runs smooth. Mechanically it reduces thermal shock by allowing the bead to cool more slowly.

With practice a well run bead's slag will lift off the bead without chipping.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Will keep rain in mind...if it ever rains...

Its been so long I fear the rain has a grudge against me and refuses to show....

I think tombstone whenever I look at welder...maybe grab some paint and it get it ready for halloween...put a RIP on it...add some cracks and pits lol

Going to practice with it soon...I noticed they are on alot of county work trucks around here.

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True Lincoln tombstones have a curved top, weigh about 500# and are copper wound and yes seem to last forever.

The buzz boxes (derogatory term) with the angular top can be copper or aluminum wound.

Needless to say, the aluminum wound machines are prone to failure.


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