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Champion No. 1 Forge Blower Restoration (stuck gears, greasy innards, rusty everything)


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A while back I bought for $65 a forge blower; and have been restoring it ever since.

I've been attempting to remove both the grease and rust without power tools (since I'm a broke teenager), with electrolysis and simple green and a wire brush for months now.



Here are some of the parts after I've cleaned them up a bit:IMG_2006.jpg

Funny thing is that I can hardly find any information about the forge blower anywhere on the internet. Perhaps a couple listings on ebay, but that's about it.


Gear casing that I just separated today. Any ideas of how I can weld the broken piece back on?



Recently removed stand


Not sure if I can do electrolysis on this fan. 


The gear is stuck. By that I mean that I can't get it out, but with the handle attached and the other gear installed, it spins rather well. I just want to get it out along with the worm gear so I can actually remove the grease and rust. This and going to the hardware store (at the start of the school year) are my only two obstacles currently. Also acquiring/building a forge without welding equipment.


The stand has a rusty bolt that I was able to loosen a tad bit after doing likely the sketchiest electrolysis cleaning ever with the entire stand in a garbage can with holes in the bottom and double lined with garbage bags.



Any suggestions on how I can push out the axle pin on the inner gear or the brass bushings would be wonderful. Rust/Grease removal as well, including information about this particular blower.

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It is not a popular blower. It is the bottom of it's class in terms of their blowers until the Eureka 140. 

They are the cheapest made in their line-up due to lack of internal machine work such as ball bearings and bushings. 

Having said that;  I use one. As well as the other least inexpensive unit; the Eureka 140. I like them. They work real well. They are not popular as the Midway 70 and 400 were the better made units and more popular. 

I have never had to take it apart. Thus I'm no help at all. Sorry. I did make a nice pipe adapter for it which I take zero credit for.

Most folks jump the wagon in front of the horse and employ duct tape . I guess that is what works best ???? All I done-did was remove that mess and slide-on a two-foot section of 3" exhaust pipe.  The end is upset to set another pipe into it. Perfectly suited to slip over the forge blower. An exhaust pipe hanger serves as a clamp. 

It is worth mentioning that I use it as is. I can't do that with the 400. They are full of ball bearings and require special repair and attention.  

By the way.  Your blower is a "Lancaster" not a no.1 Maybe that will help.


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