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Please not pictures of you covered in filth---this is not that kind of site!  Now we would like to see the anvil once it has been cleaned up...(and ones "abandoned" in barns can be pretty mucky...I'm going to have to put chicken wire in my gables as a dove is trying to nest in the roof truss right in the middle of my shop and making a mess of things....

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On 24/08/2016 at 0:47 AM, ThomasPowers said:

Do you in the UK have the tale about two farmers getting rich selling the same mule back and forth between them?  If folks don't overpay for trash anvils the price most likely would be better for anvils in general.  Why I'm suggesting other solutions than the London Pattern anvils too.

We may have that story but it's not one I've heard. Trouble is folks are going to pay what they have to if all they can find is trash and aren't patient enough to wait for something decent or something decent simply isn't attainable for what ever reason.

As I say, the market has changed. Moaning about it changes nothing. - you can't possibly educated every single potential buyer out there. They "need" an anvil and they'll pay what they have to. How many folks do we see on here that have just bought something and want to "repair" it? When 5 minutes on google would show they should do nothing to it. 



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Some people out there(especially collectors) are just willing to pay more..More and more gus are just saying "screw it, I want it" and coughing up the money..I also wonder why more people just don't buy new anvils..Ive been wanting a 400 pounder for a long time and when I finally break down and buy it Ill probably just buy new..The used big anvils are already approaching the same price as new..

 Ive got some of those "found this for a steal price" stories too..Super nice $1 a pound anvils but you know what? that don't mean a thing anymore..Those are far few and between now.

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It would be interesting to see what a good anvil or power hammer cost a few hundred years ago in comparison to the average wages of a  working blacksmith of the time.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were quite expensive and represented a substantial capital investment . The fact that so many have had working lives spanning generations shows that they were considered to be valuable tools ,  to be used hard but well worth taking care of.

Good tools have always cost real money.

I  bet that  tools and equipment are in many ways cheaper and more easily available now to the average person than at any previous time in history.

Metalwork is expensive and always has been . It takes a real commitment and investment of time, effort and cash to play the game.

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