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HI all, 

I have been putting off making or buying a maker's mark for some time now. My problem, which will lead to a question, is in the simplicity of the mark that I am leaning toward. Two letters SB in a "rune" style font that should be easy to make or have made. For obvious reasons I'm worried that someone else might be utilizing something close enough to this that they might take offense or, at the least, it could cause confusion. I'd rather not get in the business of calling people up to remove a mark or having to explain to someone why I didn't put a little time into confirming that my mark was actually my mark. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I am open to alternative suggestions for a mark. I am looking to keep it simple. I can provide more info about myself if someone just really enjoys designing marks.haha

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I just exercised my Yahoo fu on the search terms, "Trade mark registry" and got pages of hits: USA registry, UK registry, Hong kong registry, India registry, etc.

The things are registered in different ways too, some as trademarks, some are patented, etc. I didn't do more than skim site names but it looks like there are a LOT of search engines specific to trademarks and patents available.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths were compiling a list of makers' marks. You could see if they have published it on their website...byhammerandhand I think.

BABA publish the maker's mark beside their address book entry. I do not know if those are available on line...The only one I could lay my hands on is from 2009 and has a mark by Sandra Barrett from Canada there was no mark from any of the four members with the initials BS.

For some reason (-200) the forum software will not let me upload (the photo I have gone to the trouble of taking, cropping and transferring from phone to computer grrrr) Sandra's mark but it is an S with a lower case b directly underneath. The top of the b connects to the bottom end of the S.


Ninth try to upload...but this one after I switched the router back on again...knocked off the switch looking for the address book. Sorry Invision not your fault this time.

Sandra Barrett.jpg

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