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10 minutes ago, Frosty said:

I LOVE the carboniferous scale of your flowers and dragon fly 58er, excellent yard art!

Shouldn't that be "carboniferrous"?

And since when does scale contain carbon?

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56 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Now if he really wants to go High Carb....the multiyard long centipedes will help deter visitors!  (Higher Oxygen % in the atmosphere---35%)

They've tried to reproduce this in controlled environments with modern insects and they reach a point of diminishing returns. They did grow some big cockroaches and fleas  though. The only Raid these bugs feared was a SEAL team raid.


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Mr. Pnut,

Some tropical cockroach species are very large. Surprisingly so. And the tropical variety fly. (ask a Floridian about flying roaches).

But you are right the roaches in the Carboniferous age were truly enormous.

Lt. Col. Evans F Carlson had not put together the marine raiders yet. (i.e. the progenitor to all Seal Teams). So Aly Oop was out of luck.


p.s.  Frosty, it was too early for flowering plants. They evolved later.

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A little over 2 months ago we lost our German Shepherd Harley to cancer, he was almost 16.  Today we got adopted by a new rescue, she is named Ada and she is only 2.  An Australian Cattle Dog mix that has been waiting for nearly 6 months, Glad to have her in my life


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Then plan on making less noise after 7 ish.  Reduce the ring of the anvil, then try to reduce the other noises that may bother them such as grinding etc. You may want to set up a temporary noise deflector between the noise source and the neighbor such as a piece of plywood at an angle.

Depending on the neighbor, a small piece offering of metal works wonders.  If the neighbor is interested, then invite them over to play in the fire with you. Try to keep on good terms with the neighbors to make things easier on everyone.

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