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Got a group of Harris hawks out by the casita (the big house has some *trees* and we get a bunch of raptors out here, I was talking to an owl earlier tonight.)

(A pair of Kestrels even raised a brood in the roof of my rental casita---I didn't tell my landlords as they were good neighbors,  No mice came into the house that year!)

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Chaos is NOT a rabbit killing machine. He'll take off after one, the rabbit gives him the split without his ever noticing it, after he finishes chasing the (at this point imaginary) rabbit he trots around the yard like a conquering hero.... It's a comic tragedy.... 

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We don't have a lot of hawks here but there are a few. Can they be mistaken for a Red hawk? I've seen what I thought was a red hawk by color and a chevron pattern on their tails. There used to be a mated pair of Goshawks living and nesting on the back end of our property. We'd see them hunting through the trees occasionally. It was a really BAD idea to wander very far back when they had eggs or chicks. They knew us and didn't get excited unless we got too close to the nest. Goshawks don't buzz to drive off intruders, they stoop to strike and can do serious damage. I know from experience fortunately they shriek when they stoop in home defense and I was able to run from spruce tree to spruce tree.

Peregrines will just make contact in similar circumstances but aren't arboreal, they'll get you near cliffs in spring. Goshawks may be nesting in the trees on or near cliffs and look just like peregrines, they're just more dangerous, they've been known to knock sheep and people off cliffs. 

We have a number of different owls and they're nothing to mess with, serious juju when nesting. They'll hit you rather than buzz and they're silent. I lost a fur hat to one though I was able to recover it when the owl evaluated the non-meal and dropped it on the trail we were  country skiing maybe 1/4 mile down the way. You ain't lived till you've checked out by a Great Horned or Snowy owl. When one is hooting to flush game we keep the doxies on a leash and close when walking them.

Welllllll, I think that about exhausts my knowledge of local raptors, Bald Eagles don't really count unless you're a fish or carrion.

I wouldn't expect Chaos to be an anything killing machine, a retrieving machine maybe, Goldens aren't known for their prey drive. Great dogs and a good size for mobility service dogs. Exceptional for helping PTSD sufferers keep calm and focused on the now. I know how just having a good vibe dog present can make you feel better. Abby was my therapy dog after the accident and she's a calming influence just sleeping on her bed in the living room. I just felt better if she was in my hospital room whether I could see your or not. 

I'll bet Chaos would try to calm and comfort a scared rabbit if he caught one. He just want's to play, doesn't know why instinct says chase things that run or why being caught should be so frightening. It's why goldens make such excellent service dogs, they seem to radiate: concern, love and happy.

I'm a huge fan if you haven't guessed.:)

Frosty The Lucky.

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20 hours ago, Frosty said:

I'll bet Chaos would try to calm and comfort a scared rabbit if he caught one.

You are right about that. He LOVES all furry little things. He and our cat go on walks together and snuggle up on the front stoop every morning. 


20 hours ago, Frosty said:

they seem to radiate: concern, love and happy.

Yes they do. I don't really need a service dog for myself anymore, the good Lord has led me through the battle with PTSD pretty well. But I run a ministry organization that works primarily with disabled vets and Chaos is VERY helpful in the therapy process. 

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On ‎10‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 12:05 PM, Ericsg said:

This is the black cat of The Black Cat Forge. And there are 2 goldendoodles 

And that looks like a guinea fowl on the outdoor setting in the background. I recognise the shape. We have 30 of them.

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