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MZ75 hammer

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Never seen one with my own eyes, but I know 2 guys who are both good smiths and have run or own one of the 100# hammers.  They both said good things.  Now that John Larson is retired Ken's hammers seem to be sitting on top of the utility hammer pile.  Test drive before you buy, YMMV.

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  I own a 100# KZ  .  Its great , I wish i had more time to build and use more tooling for it .    Have you called Ken ?    He and his wife Mary Lu are super people .  If you have any way to go to  Mn to run one i would recommend it .   I was there a few times to run his hammer .   I would think the controls for the 75 would be the  same as the 100lb,  its a bit of a learning curve but once you got it , you got it. 

  There is a guy in Northern Mn called (I forgot )  but he runs hammers for a living.   He runs the 100# to hell and back.  He has good things to sat for the 100#. His shop is called Jack pine forge and is easy to find on line .  I would call or write him and get his views on The KZ as well as other hammers in this class.

   Here is a link to his face book page https://www.facebook.com/JackpineForge/



Northern Wisconsin


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