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Daughter needs prayer

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My 8 month old daughter Everly was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, meaning the left side of her heart is worthless. She had her 3rd open heart surgery 3 weeks ago, things didn't go as smoothly as planned due to her awful pulmonary arteries (part of the deal with HLHS). She spent 2 weeks on the vent and finally got it out, but now she's going through morphine withdrawal. Pretty hard to watch her twitch and retch, but she's gotta go through it. She only spent 2 days on the vent the previous 2 surgeries, so it's never been an issue

Say a word to help her get through this if you would, docs say some kids withdraw for as long as 2 weeks, were on day 3. 




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I'm with Charles on both accounts here, my knees kill me but I'm on them for your Daughter,

There was nothing you did to cause this get off the guilt trip and get on the white charger and be her Knight in shining armor.  She needs love and support from all esp her parents.

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Prayers sent for Everly and all of you. I can't imagine what you're going through, all I can do is pull for you with higher.

Love and hugs to you and yours.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the prayers guys, she's FINALLY out of her drug haze! Even when she was awake and not miserable she had "druggy eyes", but she's gotten past it, hopefully going home Monday or Tuesday 


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