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Prayers for W. Virgina Friends


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Flash floods Charles. 20 people died. (including at least two children). I'm with you, Charles, in offering prayers for those affected. Talked with Glenn. He and his family are fine,

Regards to all.


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I have talked to Glenn tonight, he is High and dry, lost power for a while. but the basement is built about 12 feet above flood stage, and they have 2 more floors above that to go before he worries.

I offered to sell him a  boat.. he passed

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We got 2 inches of rain, and the creek did not jump the bank. We spent the night and most of the next day without power, or water (we are on a well). It was candles and kerosene for light and early to bed. We were fortunate.

12 miles away they got 7+ inches of rain and the culvert washed out and leaving 500 stranded in a strip mall consisting of a Kmart, Krogers, several small restaurants, a stake house, a Chinese restaurant, McDonalds, hotel etc. People are being walked out on the side of the hill but it will be a while before their cars leave the parking lot.

On to the east a tornado touched down on a mountain side tearing up several trees and a bit more to the east the real water hit. Deep hollows and lots of water with no place to go but down river makes anything in the path of the water a real problem. Several small cities got major damage as the water went through. Many cities have water inside the buildings.


In White Sulfur Springs home of the Greenbrier Hotel, the world famous gold courses are under water and water is inside the lobby and several buildings. They got 9 plus inches of rain. Those in the mountains are hurting for sure. Death toll is now above 20.

Thank you for your concern.

More photos (image heavy)

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Last I heard there were 500 homes heavily damaged or gone, 25 schools damaged, and the local transfer station for debris was 25 feet deep in household belongings, furniture, etc, everything you can imagine and then some. There was some $35 million in damage to roads. 

The people of West Virginia are strong and determined and have dropped what they were doing to help neighbors and others. The local BBQ business was on site passing out free sandwiches. The local church had water in the gym and sanctuary and quickly moved the mud out to make room for donations. The very large parking lot is now full of tables and pallets of goods to be picked up by those in need. Just pull off the road, drive through the parking lot, and people load up the car without the driver even stopping. When it settles down the church will have to shift to rebuilding the damage to the church which was extensive from what I heard. 

Manpower is needed to move everything from inside the home outside to the curb for pickup. Heirlooms no longer exist as they were destroyed by the water and mud. People are now coming in from other states to assist in what ever way they can. Other cities and communities are sending equipment, dump trucks, fire trucks, etc to fill in the gaps and help out.

I have not been to the eastern part of the state (100 miles away) but they have the same destruction and the same community spirit of pulling together as the local areas.

Depending on the station you listen to, they expect 1 to 3 inches of new rain first of next week.

Thank you for thinking of us. It is appreciated.

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