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texturing copper sheet with needle gun???


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Have quite a bit of copper sheeting to texture. It's pretty thin around 16ga. Anyone ever textured with a pneumatic needle gun before?? I have heard a lot of guys getting an air chisel or air hammer and putting chisel bits in and putting texture in that way to be quicker than doing it by hand. Any good fast techniques?? Or experience with the needle gun??

the picture is the look I am trying to achieve.


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Greetings Bmallen, 

I think you will find that an air chisel or scaler will be hard to control . I have a special machine that uses air chisel tools but it has a hydraulic table to control the impact.. For a look as per your picture I would use 2 flat plates and some steel shot with a little slag mixed in.. A treadle hammer or fly press would make it go much faster.. Be sure to aneal the copper first.. Just my 2c

Forge on and make beautiful things


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Think thinner. 20g or even lighter. 16 gauge is too thick to work with the needle scaler. 

Push it around until it work hardens and you'll start developing the "ridges". Makes a very neat effect

and doesn't take all day. I try to NOT anneal at the final so the work has some rigidity and defense against 






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