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Scrapyard Post Vise

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Scored this vise at a scrapyard yesterday for $25. I didn't even plan on going, but it was on my way so I decided to do a quick walk through. After going through it I think that the screw washer must have been broken or lost because there were a couple of spacers used on the screw box. One of the spacers looks like it might have been from another vice. I think I will use that one to make the screw washer. There are some stamping on it. It is dated 1867 or 1887 and there is something written beside the date and above that that I cannot make out. I'm sure it's a manufacturer so if anyone can ID this let me know.




This is is the best I could do with my phone. The date is visible though.image.thumb.jpg.8d5cccadad27e5195381abd9


The spacers used on the screw box. The right one looks to be from another vise or tool. image.thumb.jpg.086ca1b2d251141030cdc20e


Also if anyone has a spare screw washer they would like to sell from a parts vise let me know.

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Unless you are looking just for a original part....do you have a place like "Nutty Bolts" or "Bolts & Fasteners" which specialize just in those things that might have something that might work for you? This could just be obvious...but if not just mentioning it...I had no idea until someone told me about them and they have way out specialty stuff....Just bring them a idea of what you're looking for...

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Something close to original would be very cool, but I don't really see that happening without finding another vise. Making one was my first instinct then I saw some posts about using  thrust washers as throw out bearings. We do have some specialty fastener places around and I was on one of their websites looking around. I'm sure I can find something to make it work. Whatever I find will be much better that what the previous owner did without one which is letting the screw bevel create a bevel on the screw hole of the movable jaw. 

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On September 6, 2016 at 11:06 AM, muddawgchuck said:

See you are in Houston, another good spot for finding blacksmithing tools is the Winnie trade days.  Cast Iron Cowboy place in the back usually has plenty of overpriced tools but they like to bargain and haggle.


I have been to the trade days in Winnie a few times. I have never seen anything spectacular. I will probably head back very soon as I just like flew markets and you really never know what will show up. The best part of Winnie trade days is eating at Al-T's when we are done.

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Wow it’s been a year and a half already? So I decided I would make the bevel washer that should have been in the screw. After a couple of trips to the scrapyard I found a really thick piece of pipe that looked like it would do the trick. I cut a section off and started upsetting it. After some more pounding, cutting, and grinding I wound up with something acceptable. The bevel isn’t perfect but it won’t be putting that pressure directly on the vice face anymore  




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Hi guys 

The vice looks good.

I'm busy with a vice of my own I took a wire brush to it and got all the surface rust off now in wondering with what to treat the metal to keep it nice and rust free? 

And what type of grease to use in the screw box? 

Thank you 

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For the outside, give it a wipe-down with linseed oil, motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, or paste wax. 

For the screw box, do NOT use grease. Grease is sticky, and you do not want scale, soot, grinder dust, etc getting stuck in there and grinding the threads down. A few drops of a light oil is all you need.

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