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Air cylinder port size question

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Good Morning, 

I have an air cylinder with a 2" OD bore and an 8" stroke that has 1/4 NPT ports. I am aiming for a light duty hammer with a 8-18 pound ram but the more I read about the port size the more I wonder if the 1/4 NPT port will be a problem. I will not have the space for a tire hammer until I get a new garage built and who knows when that will happen. I am looking to build something small-ish like the attached photos.  

Thank you much



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There is a special spot in my heart for tiny hammers. I like the second picture. The new version of the Kinyon, I think, lend itself well to be made in a tiny hammer. As for port size you can’t ever have enough but timing the cycle of the hammer is far more important than having over sized ports. You should be ok, not great but ok.

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I don't really know how to tune one of these. Can you point me in the direction to learn how?

Thanks for the reply by the way. I like small and efficient things as well. I think it is due to being so darn tall. 


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I love the meme "My Daddy says if you got to grind your welds to make them look good you a grinder not a welder."

By the way, I am looking at Pulleys and I keep seeing Pulley for swamp coolers that are "made of metal" and others that are die cast alloy. Can you use a non-iron/steel

pulley on a small power hammer or are you asking for trouble. I have a LARGE oak stump that has been sitting in the garage for over 1 year. I was thinking about cutting a slab (ripping not crosscutting) and making a pulley out of that.


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