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Some razors in Damascus and wootz


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320 layer O2 / 15N20 Damascus made by Maarten Van Hattem, Stabilized Elk antler marrow.



San mai that I made using O2 for the core, and O2/L6 Damascus by Howard Clark. Hybrid scales of stabilized burl cap and colored resin



Wootz steel by Evrahim Baran (Local Belgian craftsman who specializes in just making wootz and crucible steel). The scales are fossil mammoth tusk Ivory



Unknown Damascus steel from a knife tip I got from Hank Knickmeyer when I visited him in Missouri a couple of months ago. The scales are cobalt blue glow in the dark material


Another wootz razor (wootz by Evrahim Baran again). The scales are Juma Ivory snake



San mai that I made using O2 for the core, and O2/L6 Damascus by Howard Clark. I twisted the tail a couple of times during the forging process. I inlaid natural diopside gems in the tail on each side, and connected the holes so that the light would be able to shine through. The scales are juma ivory snake as well.


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Thanks. I am essentially self taught when it comes to making them. I've been shaving with straights since I was a teen. A decade ago I became a member of straightrazorplace where I started learning to properly hone them, and how to shave properly, using a brush, using a leather belt to strop, etc. After a while I started taking apart vintage razors with mild damage to restore them, polish them clean using handsanding, etc.

At the time I saw a razor made by Robert Williams who was (one of) the first to forge razors as a customs maker. It was a razor in Damascus with mammoth ivory scales. The model is almost identical to the one above in ivory. At the time I really REALLY wanted it but I couldn't afford it of course. And I thought: I like working on razors already. If I learn how to make them, I could eventually make it and own it without paying for it. It took almost a decade but I made that razor.

In terms of manufacturing techniques, as I said I am essentially self taught but for anything about Steel and forging, Mike Blue has been my mentor for almost a decade now. His mentor was Howard Clark who has also became a personal friend of mine and whom I chat with regularly about metallurgy.


I shaved with it once and then sold it because by then I had lost all interest in owning things and instead became obsessed by making things. I'll shave with them once to verify the quality of the edge, but that's it. The money is just for buying more steel and equipment and last year my plane tickets to the US to a gathering where I was invited to teach (it sounds more glorious than it was. It was a ton of fun and there were about 20 people. I slept in guest rooms but otherwise paid for everything out of my own pocket).


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That sounds like something I'll be able to do too, I've always liked them but my mom wouldn't allow it when I started shaving, sad I'll slash my own throat by accident. 

Isn't that the real purpose of life ,To create things for those who lack the drive or means to do so ?

Have you ever made any fixed blade razors ?


I just love the look of this one !

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That's one from Dylan Farnham.

I've made a couple of fixed handle razors. They're easier to make than regular folding razors because the thing doesn't have to close dead center of the scales so there is more leeway for asymmetric error.

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These are beautiful, question though about the burl and resin handle, will that handle hold up, I never worked with the material myself but I read that they can break where the resin meets the wood if they don't have a reinforced backing?  not that you would use much force with these so it should be fine, just curious cause I have never worked with the material.

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