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Forge welding a chainsaw bar for a tool?

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So, I work on a wildland fire crew and we have about 10 old 28" Stihl bars that will just be tossed, so I snagged them up and am now curious if any of you all have attempted to forge with them. I know it's laminated and hopefully there won't be air gap issues when I try the weld but its trash anyway so what xxxxxxx, right? If any of you guys or gals have played with these and can offer advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


P.S. welding chains as well, we got a lot 

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Irwin Campbell a bladesmith down in Moose Pass, now passed on made chain saw bar knives for something like 50 years. "I.R.B.I.Knives". Not plugging his knives but they're forged and Virgil Campbel who took the business over from his father makes pattern welded blades as well. Yeah, I know they're forged, I have his old 50lb. Little Giant in my shop, bought it when he upgraded to pneumatic utility hammers.

Anyway, yes you can forge weld chain saw bars, slip something interesting between plys though.

Frosty The Lucky.

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