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interesting blowers @ a village shop


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Found a couple of very interesting blowers.  I happen to always dress like a civil war era smith so I was invited into said shop.

The one at the forge is a champion no. 1 and I need this blower. I hope to trade a set of mules and a 1999 Ford for it. Never have I used one so silky smooth. 

The other; nobody has a clue. It contains many pullies and long belt.

That is I standing at their heavily worn Peter Wright. 

They have an entire champion forge with attached 400 blower.  The big table top style with clinker breaker firepot but no hood.

Gotta love the duct tape. 





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The great thing about saying you dress like a civil war smith is that on the world wide web you can wear anything as there has been a civil war going on most of the time somewhere; 1936-1939 Spanish civil war, mid 1600's had 3 in England, a recent one in the Sudan, etc.

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