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Following the Appalachian Ways


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 I'm a long time lurker and don't post much, but I read a lot and appreciate all of the valuable information that you folks share here. I'm from Southeastern Kentucky, and 44yo retired military, with a Limp & a Gimp (Disabled Vet). I may be broke but I aint busted. Anyway I own a farm and am in the process of building in the old ways w/ modern help such as hewn logs, timber framing, and of course blacksmithing. As well as self sustainable living. I've got two military buddies and we work on projects together, and believe me when I say we ARE the 3 stooges. I really appreciate all of the useful information provided here. Good Day.

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I agree with Frosty above , Welcome and many thanks for your service from one Vet to Another, all my Limps and Gimps came after my military time.  I live in a log home and about to move to another but kit made.  Always nice to have friends help out esp. when they have already walked the same road of experience.  Pictures please when you get a chance.   Folks here just love Pictures. 

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