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21 hours ago, matto said:

Scrapartoz if you don't mind me asking how many hours do you have in a piece? And is this what you do for a living??

Hi Matto , I think this horse took 4 months full time and over 2 years part time but I completed 2 other commissions in that period so I could only guess at the hours. I am doing art full time now as I retired from a road construction job last year . prior to that I was a farmer , Army Tank driver and Commander , Diesel Mechanic , Road Rescue and fire Brigade Trainer and  Road  Construction Plant  Operator .. I finished up working as a traffic controller (stop & Go Bat) as nobody wanted the job and there is never much traffic so I could get out my sketch pad and plan my weekend art while getting paid doing it on another job. 

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Very cool and it is always cool learning where people come from.  I also like more of the art realm of metal work.  Mine is more on the modern/contemporary sculpture side.  Really love your work.  The horse and rider and the seamstresses are absolutely amazing.   

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Scrapartoz it is under construction right now.  Here are a couple pics of what I do.image.jpeg.51de85bd5efcf109a9cb7736a802f

stone and steel tableimage.jpeg.ff3baae4fc7897e8ee6e22c9bf148

cold form with skid steer and concrete braker 4.5'image.jpeg.c1b44d38c069b635a3dc96a1d476f

bad pic but it is a 30' mild steel wall hand grinder for texture auto clear coat.image.jpeg.b9e2d2ecc1ff5f38cfb45528b2832

metal and alder burl tableimage.jpeg.f600fa99a9302c242e1eb3e2f3f68

family tree.

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Yes I have done a couple of walls this way with different patterns. Have also done a bar down town.  The wall in the pic all the case work is steel strapping.  All the case work in that house is steel.  

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