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Thanks for checking in on me, Dale.  I am doing well, still easily fatigued and sore in new places.  I think I've been walking with my head down for a very long time, unconsciously adapting to the pain, so now that I can hold my head upright new muscles are being recruited and they are protesting.  But getting better every day.  The Dermabond finally sloughed off today and I gotta say I'm pleased, the scar doesn't look nearly as Frankensteinish as I'd feared, though it is very sensitive to the touch - Owie!  I am grateful for the time off work to rest.  I'm not going to risk Smithing, though, until my follow up appointment at month end.


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Scars are fun; I have one on my back that looks like someone gunched me with a gladius and the ones on my belly that I tell people was a botched seppuku; takes a couple of years on me for a scar to reach steady state.  (I have another on my back that is hard to find as I was given it on birthday 0 and the Dr nicked me during the C section---no wonder I have a fascination with blades...)

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So happy to see and hear you are doing better, and your scar has improved remarkable.  "Easy fatigued" is expected and from my various operations normal.  The anesthesia is a real butt kicker and lasts in  your system longer than most MDs want to tell you and the longer the operation the longer it takes.  I figure a yr. to get back to normal but most friends assure me I've never been normal so it is hard to judge just when that might take place.:P    Just take your time getting back into harness doing too much just prolongs the recovery, tried that once and paid and paid for it. 

Take care.  Hope you are no where near the flooding down your way.  Dale

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1 hour ago, Frosty said:

At least she used the riding mower instead of the old push reel mower and accepting help from friends. Rebounding blacksmith fast she is. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

Sure, but did she test that rebound with a ball bearing?



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