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Removable Anvil Stand Vise

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I just finished fabricating a removable anvil vise stand and wanted to share a few pics. I had a Morgan vise that I wasn't using - so I decided to put it to use as a removable side vise on my steel anvil stand. The stand is made from 2" and 2 1/2" steel tubing. It is set for height so that the jaws can be used to hold long items on the face of the anvil, or by itself for bending and twisting. I know this isn't as stout or rugged as my post vise - but for light work it is very handy. Removing it or installing it is very quick and the telescoping leg has a "up" position for storing it when it isn't on the anvil stand. It is very portable and as an added bonus --- it fits in the receiver hitch on my pickup truck also, making it very versatile for more than blacksmith work.

Anvil Vise.JPG

Anvil Vise 2.JPG

Anvil Vise 3.JPG

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I saw similar in use via video the other day.

The shop shoed heavy horses (big horseshoes) and was using a fixed anvil of about 300 lbs.  Instead of a machinist vice, it was a shoeing vice attached to the anvil stand but it looked to be really handy for projects that bounced back and forth between smithing and tweaking the shape by hot rasping.  

Thanks for the example you did---I think I'll incorporate similar on my new stand as I have a "spare" vice and it is one of those "why not?" kind of projects:  Not much work and even if you rarely use it, those times you will make the effort worth it.

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I've given thought to modifying my anvil stand to accept my leg vise for demos. My thoughts ran to making a vertical sq. socket on the stand so the vise would just drop in and MAYBE wedge. I could hang it off the far side and maybe let it stay while forging some things.

Another thought for one annual demo is to make a vise stand that fits the pick up's trailer hitch receiver. If I made it long enough I'd be able to use the tail gate as a bench and catch all like now.

When I think all the options through I still think a regular vise stand is better. eg. flat round steel disk with post and shelf to bolt vise to. A couple pins and it'd knock right down for easy lifting into the truck.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The us cavalry had a small vice that mounted to their mountain artillery anvil. Really just a hand vice with a square end, wedge and a plate with wings over the edge. This was only intended as a showing forge and anvil. 

Many farriers have sringloaded foot vices on their anvil stands for hot rasping shoes. 

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