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Spring Fullering Tools


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I am about to make a set of spring fullering tools for my power hammer.

I see that most folks are using mild steel for the flatbar portion.

Before I start, is there a better option to go with if I want the spring to last longer?

My hammer is a 55lb Kinyon.  I was going to use 1.25" x .125" flat bar for a fuller set ranging from a 3" slightly rounded down to a 1/2" half round

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Mild steel works fine because you are working hot iron. Closed spring dies, like harder steel or at least some case hardening. I noticed the closed dies for forming ball ends seem to wear out the fastest. I'm using these tools on a 50 lb tire hammer. 


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Well, it's not really a "spring".

What you're actually relying on, is the "memory" that's present in all steel.

Mild steel works well in this application, because it's less likely to harden or fatigue from repeated flexing, and should it deform over time, it's easily reshaped.



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No. You really only lose spring when you push something past the yield point. You're not pushing the spring very far. And, if you're welding a die piece on the end of that, the weld is likely the first thing to go.

Edit: not because of the steel used for the spring, but just because of the heat affected zone of the weld, etc. Preheat and normalize to reduce that.

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