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is lignite worth using if it is very cheap?

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I live about 20 miles from an open pit mine that produces 3.3 million tons of lignite a year.  locals can come load up or they will load trucks for a small fee. 

I am going to be building a side blast forge, hopefully that should help with impurities.

I understand lignite has lower btu per volume... but is it possible to make up for that by just burning up lots of lignite?

My question is if a person can get lignite real cheap can i use it to forge with the right set up?

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for size.. It gets broken down quite a bit at the mine ,loaded onto cars and then gets powderized before being used at the power plant so I was hoping to get my hands on the stuff that they load into the coal cars. it gets run through a cone crusher before loading onto the coal cars. I have not seen the physical size in a while, i don't remember how big it is after the crusher. 

I am going to build the side blast and see how it works. I am just researching for building my first forge

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Choice of fuel can be dictated by what is either physically or economically available.  If all you can get/afford  is lignite and you can get metal hot with it then there is nothing wrong with using it.  There may be better fuels but you have to use what you have available.

Let us know how it works out.  There are places in the US and Europe where lignite or brown coal is available.

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