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Well, I took advantage of the sunny day today and almost finished my new coal forge project. I bought another fire pot from Dave Custer and installed it. I really like those fire pots!

I still have to mount my blower and the tabs for the small opening piece. The culvert stack is 16" diameter. The table size is 42" square.

I bought this from my local industrial surplus store cheap. It was new and never used. It originally was a hopper made for the Philip Morris company. Now it's a forge/smokestack.

How's that for irony!

Thanks again for all of your input guys!




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First test of the new forge and Wow!! I can't believe how great it draws... I set some lump charcoal in it with a small wad of paper and it took off

like a F-111 in full after burner. And that was without using the blower! My buddy and I forged for 4 hours Sunday and I've never had a better

fire to work with. We hardly had to use the blower, only when we needed the extra heat.  hat  36" tapered cone and 16" diameter stack must work like a super vortex.

Very happy with this project. Now on to the surface grinder/belt grinder project...

Video here

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I am building the Mark A. design Side Blast Forge. The location for the tuyere has been determined but is yet to be installed.

I built the Lester Beckman Super Sucker Hood and am getting ready to mount it above the Tuyere.

My chimney is a 10" steel grain auger tube. The chimney was cut in two because of a large kink in the middle.

This is my mounting plan: With the Tuyere mounted thru the side ofthe Hearth, the hood will also be mounted to the same side of the hearth just above the end of the Tuyere.

From pictures I have seen of the Supper Sucker Hood, it is drawing smoke and fire from the forge into the hood. 

How far above the Tuyere and back from the end of the Tuyere should the Super Sucker Hood be mounted?

I am concerned about how hot the hood and lower pipe could get. The steel square tubing that I want to use to mount the hood is galvanized. Will the hood get hot enough to vaporize the galvanize off the mounting tube?

There will be 10' of chimney going straight up inside the building and another 10' above the roof. How hot can I expect the hood and chimney inside the building get? The chimney will be in contact with the steel mounting bracket and the sheet steel roofing where it passes thru the roof. The steel chimney supporting brackets are 4" from a wood beam.


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