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I had durian in Indonesia and had to source some for my wife to try it in Ohio, USA---she liked it too!  It is probably the most "klingon" fruit in existence on the planet earth.  I like Kimchee too; especially the way the glass jar starts bubbling when you open it.  An old favorite we bring to potlucks is "sheep's eyes"  Take canned pitted  lychee nuts and put a piece of maraschino cherry in the hole where the pit came out; we serve them in a liter beaker with a laboratory tongs or medical forceps as the serving tool 

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Durian is great,,you should try the ice cream... I am quite fond of lamb's eyes as well as the tongue..that is old home cooking for me...Chitterlings are also good if prepared by someone who knows the right way..if not they taste,,well..they taste crappy?

Balut I got hooked on when I was in SE Asia a loong time ago.. Century eggs..well they do have a pungent smell, but I have had cheeses that were nastier..

The first time I ever tasted chicken I thought it reminded me of alligator..or snake..frog legs are great..

On the fermented front..as I said I just put up some  Baek Kimchi for the missus..and thermo-nuclear kimchi with squid and oystrers for me and my son along with some Oi Baegi and regular old sauerkraut using a recipe that I got about 50 some years ago from the Amish gentleman who got me started in metal working's wife . Home made beats the snot outta store bought.

Zoroastrians have no dietary restrictions other than if you can't catch it you go hungry...remember  vegetarian is from an old Greek word meaning "Bad Hunter"...



(ya ought ta ask how I got my nickname of Muskrat when I was in the US Army the first time..heh heh heh/.///well back to work for me..got to post some new sword critters to my site...)

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Y'all are making me hungry. Snake's, frog legs, alligators, various snails, eels, Korean mystery meat, Thai mystery meat, Vietnamese mystery meat, all sorts of kimchi variations including a fish one (I thought it was a vegetable.... oh well it was tasty), various sushi types, mystery fish soup, oysters cooked and raw, various shellfish, pig, beef, sheep intestines, tongues, stomach (not that tasty last night), Pork ears, feet tails, tripe, and pickled varieties, sashimi, various fish eggs, various bird eggs and pickled and aged varieties, etc. If I have a chance I will always try new foods.

If you don't try it you don't know it's tasty. Oh and the durian and lychee, plus some other mystery fruits. Now it's dinner time.

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