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Show me your key chains.

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Thanks Jim, when discussing what size my buddy wanted them to be he half joked about the poking ability. They are "matching" his and hers for stocking stuffers.  I like the design tho and will make more when time allows. 

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How are you texturing the surfaces for the keyrings?

Once when I was making a dragon door knocker out of some 1" sq stock, (the wings were fold formed sheet metal that fastened to the door with the knocker pivoting off them)  I tuned my propane forge burner to be terribly terribly oxidizing and let the work piece soak to get a really really heavy scale layer that when it was chipped off left an interesting pebbly looking surface to the dragon's body.    Very odd, as as a knifemaker I was so used to running reducing even heavily reducing to avoid scale.

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The texturing jig.... some beads were laid down first, but I wasn't too keen on how they were doing.  So, I went after the thing with the pointed end of a chipping hammer and did some more with my center punch.

I'm still not 100% satisfied with the look I get, but running the steel through a few times, altering direction every pass, gives a nice random texture.  Before welding up the jig, I was doing each pendant individually and that took a lot of time!



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