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Mark Ling

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Hello everybody 

                           As you found out Im knew to the forum and knew to the amazing craft of blacksmithing. I started out only about a year ago on   A sledge hammer nailed to a stump, a sink as a forge, used charcoal as my fuel, and a hair dryer as my blower. The first project I made was a railroad spike "knife"- probably wasn't the best first project. Took me about 8 hours to make (thank goodness it doesn't take me that long anymore) but after that one came another and another and another, well I think you get the point.anyways now a year later, I still will ocasionally make a railroad spike knife, but normally I'm making more decorative "stuff". I still use a the hair dryer as my blower, but with a proper forge. I'm no longer using the sledge hammerhead as my anvil,but instead, a hundred pound Trenton anvil.oh, yeah I forgot to mention that I'm 13 years old. That pretty much is a brief over view of me. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Hello and welcome. It might pay to take a minute and list where you live in your profile. You may be surprised at how many members live within a reasonable distance. It can help when asking questions about where to get materials, and guys who know you are in the area may offer to help you learn, or make a point of mentioning local blacksmithing clubs or events you might like to think of attending.

Most here are more than willing to help a youngster learn to grow and enjoy this hobby of ours. You have to help us help you however.

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