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idea for nail header

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i made this nail header today playing around
i am a big fan of transforming things into other things other than thier intended purpose .

so here goes i took a 3/4 inch carriage bolt {note the domed head perfect profile for a nail header .
counter drilled from the thread side with a 3/8 drill bit to about 1/8 from
going thru finished drilling all the way thru with a 3/16 inch drill

took one of those junk 3/8 drive chinese ratchets you see at the flea market
or salvage yard for a dollar { i buy all i can get of these they have nice knurled handles at the very least for making tools from}
knocked out the ratchet guts , weld the carrage bolt into the opening .
saw off flush with ratchet face and sand or grind flat
throw in fire and take a tapered square punch starting at 1/8 square and drive thru what was formally the thread end of the carriage bolt
untill you achieve a 3/16 square measured at the very top of dome .

since these carriage bolt are probally a lower carbon steel i case hardened the best i could with kasenite.

now take some 1/4 inch square stock taper down to about 3/16 put in header about 3/8 above dome cut off and hit the top first and all four corners and walah a nail .

like i said i love making stuff from other stuff ,
everything has multiple uses .

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