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I have had drawn a new panel to replace the one with the logo on it, the new one covers that entire area with cut outs for connections to the cylinder, the logo is no longer welded on but is cut out to show the mat black cylinder behind.

also the washers that now operate the limit switches will be replaced with something better very soon

thank you Ian and Charlotte

when we get time to use it I will post more

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I would really like to see what this press can do, since seeing it I have met a couple of people who are looking for something like this  and are not able to get a decent 3 phaze supply. It would be good to know if this would do what they want.

do you know the tonnage and speed of travel and the lpm (or GPM) and max pressure of the pump unit ?

 I would be really interested in seeing a vid of it in action.

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waiting for vids to be posted, measured speed with 3hp 200 bar powerpack at least 32mm a sec I later found it was low on oil and it got faster after that, next vid will show speed when my friend gets time to post it..

dont know the GPH of the powerpack, it is one from my geka minicrop

I try to set the stroke so the tool is not far above the work to speed things up so some strokes are less than a second on the downstroke.

cylinder goes to 250bar but at 200 bar I get just over 10 tons so 12.5 or 13 tons is quite likely and within specs for the cylinder.

I dont have much time free to experiment and need to work out what it can do and how to make tooling for it, I did make a hole through 25mm square as an early test but as I did not have a stripper plate fitted  I did it gradually a little bit at a time turning it over, even with the rounded tool I used I think it would have gone straight through making a 25mm hole in 25mm square but I did not want the stock stuck on the tool ( pic of the test piece tomorrow ).

may also make another vid of it tomorrow

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I read the original post, and I see these limit switches you put in. Question.

Do you think it'd be possible to make a thickness guide for it?

Lets say, you want to crush something really fast but to as close to final dimensions as possible. Could you do some sort of a moving limit switch activator that has a measurement on it? So you would "move it down to read 1 1/2" and it will stop just above 1 1/2" so you don't go too far, and mess something up?

Just a thought that I had running around my head as I read this :) I can't afford anything right now. My second hobby just crept in, and I had to upgrade my PC so I can actually play the latest games LOLOL

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that is easy and you dont need a rule to do it and you could probably get it to within 1/32", you just spin the nuts by the limit switches.

you could cut a piece of wood or something to the desired thickness and bring the press down then place the wood next to the tool, up the spin the nut, down to check, this way you will be able to set it in a few seconds.

a fixed rule would be less use because it would depend on the height of the bottom tool and length of the top tool.

the press will stop going down for 1 of 3 reasons

1 reached the limit switch setting

2 stopped by footswitch

3 metal is too cold to move more

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been busy on other projects so not had time to post more, 1 press sold subject to finding a suitable power pack and the buyer saving up.

replacement press ready to start construction

recently sold my old press for cold work and a scotchman ironworker so am building a replacement that is better and nearly finished the 'AUTOVICE'

hope to try it out by the weekend

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