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An early Christmas present to the newbies

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Here's an early Christmas present from me to the newbies, though I'm still a newbie to 'smithing. A short video of a method that'll speed you up no end when making these tea light holders.


These tea light holders are a pretty standard project for newbies and they used to be a stock item for me to sell at markets. I haven't made any in a long while but I thought they'd make a nice addition to the present I've got for the inlaws.

The one thing I forgot to say in the video is you have to pull towards you (as if you were pulling on a piece of string to keep it tight) as well as bending the bar down, otherwise the bar will bow in unwanted areas. Pulling it towards you makes the bar follow the coil tightly without any gaps. As I say in the video, getting the heat in the right spot is pretty important. The other great benefit of this method is that the vice naturally keep the coil flat. You'll figure out pretty quickly where you have to pinch it in the vice. I got a bit carried away and rolled up the coil in the video a bit far and had to un-roll it a tad so it matched the one I'd already done.

Merry Christmas.



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I gave it a try yesterday at Teenylittlemetalguy's and it works a treat even in his crowded shop. Three guys at once is sort of REALLY crowded. Still it's a sweet technique. Deb loves her new courting candle holder.  :wub:  Thanks a bunch.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm sure everyone would agree that anyone who makes & sells these at the same price they have always sold them should now send me a pro rota slice of their income according to the hours saved using this method. Don't all jump at once.

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