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15th. Century German cutlery WIP


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I haven't posted anything in awhile and I've wanted to do this project for a few years but never got around to starting it.  Inspiration comes from the book: Historische Bestecke (Historic Cutlery) by Jochen Amme.  This book is phenomenal if you get a chance to see it.  Examples of cutlery from the stone age to modern day.  Anyhow, here goes in the build.  Fork is forged from a section of coil spring (5160). 



This is the design I came up with, seemed in keeping with many of the German and Dutch originals of the time. 


Knife pre-form is forged to shape.  I had a 1" bar of O-1 in the shop, so this is from that. 


Some Whitework today.  Drawfiling to final shape and cutting threads in the tangs.  I machined the end caps/pommels from mild steel, and had a bear of a time cutting the internal threads, since they were so small.  I ended up using three 1/4"x20 taps, standard, bottoming tap and one ground down to flush.


All finished.  Fork is forged from 5160 and knife from 0-1 steel.  The handles are ebony.


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