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New grinder Plunge cuts????


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hey guys so i just got a KMG grinder i was using files and a 4x36 before this new grinder always did everything by eye....not that i have done alot i am still new only made a few blades so far i wasnt even thinking about a new grinder as my financial situation wasnt there but a family member offered to buy me one piece of equipment so i chose the KMG. so since i have this i figured i would do a lil research and find out what the "right" process is to grind a knife. This may be a stupid question but can any one define and describe a "plunge cut" i keep coming across people talking about it and some even decribe how to do it but what is it exactly why is it needed? THANKS!!

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Howdy and welcome.

Take a look here: http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/32040-knife-making-class-log-114-grinding-and-harmonics/
and here: http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/30159-knife-making-log-class-103-grind-and-file/

Try building a jig, try freehand, try using a rest; see what works for you. 

Maybe some of the guys that have taught before should weigh in, haha

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and Plunge cuts, or plunge lines are not obligatory, most of the blades from most times , from most cultures don't have them. Some swords some spanish knives and some sheffield knives and a whole load of modern American knives do though.

 plunge cuts are a case of practice makes perfect. better practices on scrap.

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