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Acquired large Forge Bellows..... Clueless!


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Hello. I am completely oblivious to the technicalities of iron forging and blacklsmithing. I am a carpenter by trade and recently acquired this large bellows at an estate sale in Paige,  West Virginia near my hometown of Sissonville. 

Will anyone give me some info and possible value? It's 7 foot from tip of cone to metal hook. 




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Honestly, something like that is priceless. Real Bellows are incredibly hard to come across nowadays, especially ones of that magnitude. 7 foot would be really useful in say a heritage site, blacksmith village tourist area of sorts.

But if you really wanted to put some kind of price on it. One of that size is probably around USD$3,000 - USD$4,000. I have seen 4 foot ones go for around USD$1,800

When they start getting that big, the difficulty is finding someone to buy them, while the smaller ones are more easily transportable so more inclined to be purchased. I would say if you did want to sell it, put it out in here. At least someone here would actually use it for its desired purpose :)

They look in really good shape though.

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