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kinyon air hammer valve confusion

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still confused about which valve to use on the new kinyon hammer.  parker has two valves with 3/4 inch ports,  one is called an inline single (B834) and the other an inline double(B844). plans call for a norgren valve which according to their catalog is a single with spring return/air pilot.  posts here and elsewhere advise not to use a spring return type.  at this point i am lost in numbers and terminology i don't have a handle on.  any help greatly appreciated.

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I use Norgren valves, 1/2 in ports on the 5-port, 1/4 in port on the roller shuttle. I dont see the need for 3/4 inch ports unless the air cylinder is similar equipped.

5 port valve is Norgren MN01CGA73A000,, Mcmaster # 6124K36

Roller shuttle is Norgren X3064222,, Mcmaster# 8277K14

If you get the hammer running to your liking, I recommend buying spares to keep on the shelf. 

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.I had a Norgren valve fail almost out of the out of the box..Got to say it..Run from Norgren  Virtually no customer support.  You can't rebuild them (no parts), Low CV   They couldn't give me a replacement because they didn't have any at the factory and none at any of their distributors.  Told me to wait till the next production run of that model. Didn't know when !     Contacted  PARKER, outstanding customer service.  Walked me through my application and they had parts on the shelf. # B834OOOXXA  If you see green grease seeping out of the Parker valve, it's just assembly grease.  This valve has been running 5 + years.


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