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Identify this anvil markings

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Yeah...odd since top plate "looked" like from side to be in good shape...it is currently listed in san diego craigslist...I bought last nite...someone else was talking about it on here aswell which is funny since the "shape" top plate was the discussion. Rebound is surprisingly good...I wasn't sure about it at first, but they some how preserved/created a rebound in the alteration.

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It gained about 25lbs so the plate added was pretty hefty. If you look thru the hardie hole can you see evidence of welding in there? If there is then whoever added the plate may have notch welded the plate thus eliminating the dead area between plate and anvil.

Was the seller willing to negotiate or was he even aware it had been modified?

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I sent my brother...I will check the hole later...He really didn't know anything about it, according to my brother and conversations I had with him on phone. I responded to ad within a couple minutes of posting,then sent my brother to pick up so conversations weren't drawn out and I didn't pick his brain to much..but my brother thinks he just stumbled across it ...He got it cheaper, but I told him to keep the difference for going...It was a 1.5 hour drive on thanksgiving lol 

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