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At the steel yard today, the owner threw a 2ft X 3 foot piece of A/R (abrasive resistant steel plate) in my truck.  You got to love free!!!  Can this be welded to a  mild steel base to make dies for the PH and hyd press?  If so, can you share any thoughts on pre/post heat etc? or other uses.  Funny, I didn't know that I need this piece of steel until I got it.  Now I've got to put it to good use.  What a terrible responsibility..... 

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IF NOT welded right !! It will snap the welds !!! & pop off been there done that !!

I built a PH base / box welded a AR bottom plate to it with good rod choice I thought LOL  110/18

as it cooled you could watch it snap apart :angry: lost alot of time on that one -- redo was another base plate a week later

I would not use it for die's getting the weld right & safe is a pain !!

It can be done though careful pre & post heat is a must !

AR is great for a welding table top though :)

Steve's Welding & Fab  

PS that ar plate is still on the ground 8 years later Top table plate is still a good Idea !

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Big time sneaky lurker here.               Regarding Hardox 450 /500   and AR 450

 Twice a year I have a job welding in a wear plate in  to a "grate".     I use  1/16   TM 771 wire shielded with co2.  Lincoln sells the same thing only better called Ultra core 712C.

If its cold out, and it almost is all the time,, I pre heat as  hot as i can get this big lump with a 2'' propane torch and weld .   The welds (every 4inches) keeps the whole thing sort of warm.   Also after its welded I lay down a pass of hard face wire over the weld to protect it .    I have never had one cut loose '' on the job''.  

     BUT,  as I weld temporary hoisting loops on the wear plate I have had them break off without warning.   I believe its because the weld was small and cold.

Will try to load photo

The other Woodrow   in Northern Wisconsin







 choose files... Click to choose files







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