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I am new to the forum, so thought I would post a few photos of my recent knives. I am blessed to have an abundant supply of BEAUTIFUL woods to use for scales. My favourite is called "Umbila" or "Kiaat" though I also really like some of the other ones. I make all of my knives with only a few tools, a hand held belt sander (turned up-side-down) an angle grinder, a small bench grinder, a hand drill and a vise. I have been doing stock reduction on 1040 steel recently, but just got a blower (hair dryer) for my forge, so I will do some forged blades soon too. I polish them by hand with fine sand paper, though I did just buy a cloth wheel for the drill to polish. 

The first two photos are with the Umbila or Kiaat wood, I love how it looks! The second is coconut palm wood with a brass hilt. I cut the anvil out by hand. The next one is Chacate and some piece of drift-wood, and then the last one is bamboo I picked up off of the beach. 



bowie 2.jpg



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Must say, the first one is remisent of an english butcher knife, that and the french butcher were the "feild" knife of choice for outdorsemen that depended on hunting up untile rather resently. The curve cuts meat, wile the bump on the back rides over the ribs and muscle with the blade up to open up the skin or abdomen. 

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