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Swage Block Age and ID


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BTW are you in Chico Chile or Chico Mexico?  If the swageblock isn't marked then you have little to go on; you will need to search all the old advertisements hunting for a similar one and even then realize that thousands of small foundries all over the place had the skills to duplicate or make a block to order.  If you have any documentaion---old day books or ledgers that might mention the date and "bought swageblock from XYZ co,  $AB"

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Looking at the first pictures It reminded me of some Canadian SB, but then seeing the pic of the back I wonder if it could be english as I know we did make some hollow backed types......I was looking at some sites only recently.....I'll see if I can find a link that may help you.

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There's not a great likelyhood of any certain identification or even date, many swage blocks would have been made by small foundries used to service other local industries, and may well have either been cast to order for a clients specific needs or produced ass oddment castings to use up a pour. With a bit of luck you may be able to narrow it down to a known style rather than specific pattern and therefore an area or country of origin. The hollow back is a a feature I've not seen much previously and may be a good indicator of origin.

However, regardless of the above, hope you get a lot of use out of it.

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