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Horse shoe nails, things to make from them

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Commonly found in many books, here are some samples I made and had chrome plated, was not happy with finish and still have them somewhere in the scrap pile.






Have fun, silver soldering is for best quality job, bronze weld, the soft solder,  or forge weld them together.


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If you google you'll find all sorts of stuff.

I used to make tiny leaves out of the heads for bookmarks. 

I'm still looking for that perfect horseshoe nail ring jig, doing them on the cone is very time consuming!

I did save this PDF of making the spoon jig, but never made it. (There was an awesome thread here that got really heated on the subject of whether the "spice spoon" was in fact an actual historic implement or just a fancy tale created by those who would use it for their own habits!)


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Horseshoe attaching devise, how interesting!   Back in the day of my wearing a shirt and tie daily my favorite tie tack was a horseshoe nail.  Had a friend who was on the Corp. Board of the company who made Campbell Horse shoe nails and he was often giving me small boxes of nails as he didn't want them.  After he passed away my free supply dried up.  We made a bunch of rings for Christmas gifts one year and then spent half the next year "resizing" to fit everyone  wouldn't do that again.   

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