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20 things you don't want to hear from your wife

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I'm blessed with a wife who supports and participates in my blacksmithing addiction.  She can look at my latest effort and provide suggestions about proportion/balance/depth/orientation. I've learned to not just listen to her suggestions but to trust her intuition.

With her help, we've come up with a list of things that you never want to hear from your "domestic goddess."

"That's third degree."    Didn't you do that last month too?

Why would you put a burned tee shirt in with the white clothes? 

That's going to need stitches.  No, I won't sew it up with a needle and thread!

 You can't go over to my Mom's dressed like that.

Stop bleeding on the floor.  I just mopped.

You stink. 

Not everyone is interested in blacksmithing.

What happened to your mustache !!!

No, you can't use my fingernail file to clean the points.

Leave those cloths on the back porch!

Don't tell me you did that again !

Just because it was laying on the side of the road doesn't mean you have to bring it home…

 How many hammers do you have (----) so what's so special about this one?

You need what ?  We'll  I guess we'll just run down to the bank and take out a second mortgage….

Why do you always wait till the first of December to make all the gifts?

Tell me you didn't make knives for the granddaughters.

Which granddaughter welded that? 

Just because you can doesn't mean you should…

When are you going to stop making tools and really make something!

And finally…..OK Tell me again how you got burned  "There?  NO!  I Won't Help you. You can put the cream on yourself !!


language edited to be G rather than PG-13 rated


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I also have a very tolerant wife, who got me to thinking about a few more:

1. Honey, I called someone to haul off that dirty black stuff in those barrels.  He also took all of that rusty metal behind your shop.  You're welcome...

2. The grandbabies wanted something to play with so I gave them your new files.

3. Everything you make looks like a horseshoe.

4.  Why are you crying?  The tornado left the anvil and power hammer.

5. Next time, take off your shirt beforehand so it doesn't get all torn and bloody.

6. Have you lost another tooth?

7. What was that big boom I heard?

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Uh huh. Deb's pretty understanding and though she doesn't want my stuff visible from the house pretty much leaves it alone.

However there are a few things I dread hearing her say:

I saw it on the internet, make some they'll be good Christmas presents.

Mop the floor when you get the bleeding stopped.

NO you can't wear THAT to church.

NO you can't wear THAT to the shop.

Not EVEN close!

Go to the shop while I clean up your desk.


Frosty The Lucky.

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IronWolf, I get that too: "How long do I have to wait to get one of those?"



Her: How many @#$% (tools/anvils/scrap) do you need???

Me: Why, do you know someone that has some to sell or get rid of? Where? When? How long ago did you see it by the road? Why didn't you call me?

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LOL John :lol:

here's another 

Keep you're eyes on the road !! NOT on the side of the road you don't need anymore junk !!  Hmm :unsure:

why is it every time I look @ that pile of junk in the back it Looks Bigger -- answer OH I just move it around again looking for something I needed  :rolleyes:     got past that one LOL

PS -- always show the wife what junk you got rid of first !!    weld shop here so easy to do  :D 

OH then theirs that the pile ??? again

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Not from my wife but a daughter of mine once said "My Daddy's going to make armour for me; he's going to screw it all up!"  She didn't know about rivets yet and I had let her play with a screw driver...

had to hit open in new tab on the reply box at the head of the page 5 times to get one that would accept data

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