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Thoughts on a Peddinghaus? (or so I think it is)

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Hello all,

Found what I believe to be a Peddinghaus anvil at a local auction coming up soon. Anvils seem quite expensive and rareish here very average PW 85kg went for $1600AUD last weekend. I wonder what the experienced smiths here think of it?

Rebound test not so good ~50%

Ring is very good

Edges seem very good

The pitting worries me a little (don't worry I won't get it milled), I'm thinking that might be causing the low rebound

Dimensions meet a model #12 peddinghaus on their website (though obviously much older) as it is the only model with the upsetting block. 

Total face length: 28" 

Face width: 5.2"

Hardie and pritchel holes correct dia.





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It has the same markings as my 30 kg. "old style" Peddinghaus. In regard to the pitting, I don't think it would be a major problem if you can buy it at a reasonable price. I don't have very much experience though. 

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If the price is reasonable price, this anvil will be serving well I think.

PFP or Peddinghaus Anvils are normally pretty good anvils.. yours looks like it is in a good shape.. Edges seem nice.

the hardy and pritchel look good too.

The Lenght and Width match to my PFP Anvil around 60kg.


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What kind of hammer did you test rebound with? I bought my first two anvils from the same guy. A Hay Budden and a Mousehole Forge. He had a lot of hammers laying around that he had personally rehandled with deer antlers so when I used one of his hammers to test rebound it wasn't great. I grabbed another one of his deer antler hammers and same thing. So I came back with a small ball peen and rebound on both anvils was great. The deer antler handles were absorbing a lot of the energy and making it seem like the anvils weren't as lively as the really were. Also, some hammers have soft faces, either intentionally (lead, brass, copper, some sledges) or because of poor quality. Use a hammer or ball bearing that you trust to test rebound.

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There are quite a few pages on here dedicated to Peddinghaus anvils. Look in the "anvil reviews" section and there is one titled "Peddinghaus, the drop forged anvil" or something similar. They have been discussed in detail there. As for the pitting, that is up to what you require. It may not be an issue or it might be a huge problem. That's your call though. 

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Yes I have been through the first 5 or so pages of search results for "peddinghaus" "pitting" etc 

I was just wondering how bad the pitting was, as I have never seen any other examples in person. And how much it would reduce with use?  

Thanks for the responses. 

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Dont worry about the pitting mate, if it does show up in your work enough to bother you give it a hit with a belt sander, I reckon it will work off tho. The rebound is what I would be concerned about.

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