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Insulation for the shop walls?

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True that, TP but the difference a 1" of sheathing coverd by siding makes is marked. My house is of 1909 vintage. Pre electric, pre plumbing. No insulation and one can still afford to heat and cool it. The difference an old wood barn with double coverage board siding and a tin one is amazing. Then again some of the old Adobe barns...

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About 15 years ago, I placed a large 2 speed exhaust fan in the wall about 5 feet above the ribbon burner forge which produce a lot of CO2.  It doubles in use during the summer when it's 120 deg plus Naaw, its a dry heat.  Least that's what they told me when I moved here.  

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Insulation is always a good thing, ... and is relatively inexpensive.

Consider this, ... both "Thermos" Bottles and Ice Chests are insulated, ... for exactly opposite reasons.

And the Sound deadening effect of Insulation, is an added bonus.



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