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Lighting a Gas torch


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The FAE blast front was going that direction?

The guy with the flaming jeans was facing that direction when he threw it? 

When I smoked I used a brass Zippo which I'm pretty sure is inside one of the house walls laying on half a pack of smokes. I remember setting it there and never seeing it again. Anyway, one of the guys I used to work with, a too often unpleasant person was giving me crap about not using a "modern" butane lighter. We were sitting by the equipment eating lunch and he asked what possible good an antique was. I was lighting a smoke and when it was going I tossed the burning lighter in gap between his legs lighting the cotton wood fluff on fire. 

His sneer went up in a puff of smoke as he leapt to his feet and did a little flappy slap dancing. The fire was really short lived cotton wood fluff burns up really fast so there was no danger. I picked up my still burning Zippo and the rest of the laughing crew started asking him is he had any questions, etc. Not being a particularly popular guy meant he heard about Zippos for some time. A few guys started using their just for him.

My Zippo crossed the road a hundred times a day back then. In my pocket.

Frosty The Lucky;)

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