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looking for a smithing group near Wilmington, De

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I am trying to find a blacksmith group near Wilmington, De.  Like within a 1/2 hr of Wilmington, I work 6 days a week and have school 3 night a week so cant travel too much.   


If there isn't one, I would like to start one.  Anyone send me a message with interest.  I have taken 2 classes, so basically I know nothing.     I bought what I could from a small shop that closed up, so I have equipment and little skill.  So if anyone nearby want to either teach me or learn with me drop me a note.




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Hands on blacksmithing with an experienced blacksmith is a good way to learn, but ....

The internet is a great source of information. You can find hundreds of articles/tutorials on Google and on Youtube.  

There are two books which should be required reading of new blacksmiths :

New Edge of the Anvil: A Resource Book for the Blacksmith   by Jack Andrews 

2 The Art of Blacksmithing by Ales Bealer

Working six days and school three nights doesn't leave you a lot of free time, but reading and internet can be shoe horned  in at your won convenience.    Good Luck

P.S. Blacksmithing words of wisdom. "Hold the black end and hammer on the red end"

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