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Charred Stainless Steel like Rangthong

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Hi all!
I´m new to this site and to this amazing hobby! I think I have the love of it in my blood though, as my grandfather was a full time full blood blacksmith (so I have the anvil, and lots of tools :-).

I´m from Sweden so please excuse my English!

My question is if anyone knows how they forge the forks, spoons and knives from Rangthong?
I would like to copy the look with shiny clean SS and the charred black handle.
What is the quality of that stainless steel and how do I make the handle black and ruff without making it rust?

Link to image: http://www.menatwork.se/images/-574710729.jpg


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Just heating a 3XX* series stainless steel in a gas forge and letting it air cool will give you that charred look, the hard part is getting the rest of it clean and shiny when you are done.


*In the US, food safe grades would be marketed mainly as 304 stainless, but there are others as well.

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