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@ Thomas - from over 20 years I've wanted to make a touchmark, but being a perfectionist I haven't find the perfect design yet, to be content of, so no touchmark, unfortunately. I just sign my knifes by etching my signature when it's possible. I know that's not good for me. I see many who just touched the metal twice and have touchmarks, websites, appear on tv, etc... self promoting first, then maybe some craft.

Yes, symmetry was a pain in the ass, as the pieces were made freehand, but the most difficult (always) was to find the design - the creative part. no matter how hard you force yourself, the inspiration comes when it wants. well you can summon it somehow by trying again and again, forget about it for a while, then try again. of course, you can just "throw something" more or less lousy (I know many ho do it like this) and many people/customers may like it, you know - "it's handmade", it's "artistic", it's "rustic", and so on. I cannot make something that's not up to my demands. first of all it's me who has to be satisfied. It doesn't always payback financially, at least not for immediately, but promotes you.

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A real beauty again.

I have been a problem solver all my professional life and I have learnt that inspiration comes when outside the ordinary humdrum like alone  in a restaurant in an unfamiliar place.

Please show us more of your designs


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