Stainless Steel

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OK. I tried searching for heat treat of leaf spring I did not find much. What I found is heat to orange, quench on oil, draw out to a straw color at edge. Is this about right?

Forgemaster has a good rule of thumb system for spring heat treatment, search for his take on it.


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No, not orange and quench. Heat it to non-magnetic and oil quench. Until you have experience heat treating by eyeball you need a reliable indicator. Non-magnetic is a little below critical temperature but close enough.

Hot cuts  and hardies tend to get the temper run out of them in use seeing as you're driving them into HOT steel. Don't worry about tempering the working end, edge if they're for hot work. DO draw a temper on the struck end, you never want to strike hard steel with a hammer, chips are not the good way to draw a blood sample.

Frosty The Lucky.

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