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Short video of my process making bottle openers

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I keep getting inquiries on how my tooling is set up to make these bottle openers.  I'm making a large batch now, so I put together this video of the process.  It was a good deal of work to figure out/fabricate the tooling, but it results in a bottle opener with no hammer marks.  Anyhow, thought I'd share and thanks for reading :)

John Rigoni

Rigoni Ironworks


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Thanks! spankysmith: The taper when finished looks very smooth, almost machined, and needs texture, so I sprinkle scale on the top.  Scale is harder than the steel and dents in, creating texture.

Wow, I kinda figured that's what you were doing but I spend so much time AVOIDING scale it messed with my concept of the universe to consider someone might actually purposely introduce scale!   :blink:  I like the idea, it's just now I have to totally adjust my thinking...getting really too old for that. 

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So devastated john

i watched your vid and then clicked on your youtub profile to see more of your videos thinking I would watch them all 

and there was only two :o:o

please can you upload more it was a pleasure to watch someone work so efficient and smart 

that is also a well proportioned stylish bottle opener you make there 



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JWS, the slot punch tooling makes a centered 3/8 hole, shearing out a 1/4" thick slug.  I have a no.5 flypress for this.  The front clamps I adjust so there is a bit of play cold so the bar doesn't get stuck.  The piece swells slightly after punching.  The punch is machined from 4140 and drives down flush with the roof of the cavity underneath.  The cavity/channel is slightly taller than 1/4" to account for the flashing.  The horizontal bars keep the piece from getting stuck to the punch.  The jig is mild steel that I case hardened.  Hope this helps.

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