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Opinion on this Post Vise?

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So I have the option of picking this guy up for about 50 bucks and two hours of driving. It clearly doesn't have a spring or a mounting bracket, but am I correct in thinking that those are two parts that are relatively easy to re-manufacture? I quite like the design and the screw is reportedly in good condition.

image 1



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looks like an early vise, use the missing spring and mount as a bargaining point. check the screw and threads  obviously. if all looks good id probably id buy it. remaking a simple bracket and sping isnt that hard and there are plenty of write ups on the topic online.

on a side note if it is an early vise it looks like original mount broke off and plugged the mortise. so might be another bargaining point. it shouldnt really affect your mount unless you want your repair to look somewhat original.

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Good score on the complete vise so long as the screw and box threads are good. The spring and mounting plates are usually missing and very easy to replace. As suggested the only issue is as a bargaining chip.

Frosty The Lucky.

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But I'd not do the driving till I saw a picture of the screw; had one fellow tell me that a vise screw was perfect---it had worn till the screw thread was pointed on top---like a typical machine screw which is what he was familiar with.

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