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I have forged and heat treated a few knifes  (1084 and/or 1095 steel)  and now want to step up to an eight or ten inch chef's knife or maybe a Gyuto  style. knife.

Consider three factors (a) the profile, (b) the distal taper and (c) the bevel,

Forging any one of these factors has an effect on the other two,  The question is , how to  I balance the forging process ?

The stock removal process of knife making does not appeal to me,  I prefer to work at the anvil as much as possible and minimize the amount of grinding.

Thanks for any advice.

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I know a few members like to forge to shape for heat treat, without grinding or minimal grinding. Can put you at risk of warpage if your blows aren't precise. After HT you'll have much less grinding and sanding, and will have some hammer marks.

Occasionally customers request a forge-finish blade, which I'll usually do the above for.

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