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Leatherworker Fellow Is Happy To Help


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Hi all,

I'm new to the board, though a long-time lurker, and new at the whole blacksmithing thing.

However - I've got about 14 years of leather working under my belt. I'm by no means a master, but I feel comfortable in offering help if you need questions answered in regards to the wonderful world of cow skin.

I know there are plenty of leather working resources available on the web, but if you need anything that requires a quick answer, please feel free to drop me a line.

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A lot of what I've seen with wrapping is in the form of using braiding of one type or another. There is one book that stands out in the leatherworking community that deals with braiding:

Amazon.com: Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding.: Books: Bruce Grant

It'd take decades to get proficient with all of the information found in the book. The basic tools required for cutting thongs are a knife and a piece of leather. I use an Australian strander to cut mine:

Montana Leather Company: Australian Strander #3082

I then wet the throngs and run them through a board in which I've drilled progressively smaller holes in order to round them up and give them a better shape. This isn't necessary (or even acceptable), depending on what sort of look you're going for, of course.

From there there are all sorts of ways to braid a handle and to finish it off with a nice knot.

Whatever the case, you cannot go wrong with the book.

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