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This WILL be my new anvil

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We'll searching for a new anvil is australia is slow and boring work 

so today I pulled out a piece of steel that was left over from a job three years ago 

my plan is to use this as the base of my anvil 

maybe just trim it a bit and weld a lop plate on or cat two ASO,s and weld them together and then weld top plate on

top plate will be 50or60mm bis alloy 80

this will be cut to resemble a face and German style pointy horn

I will then turn a horn from 4140 or something and weld it to the other end 

I plan on a few prickle holes and a hardy hole

will end up looking something like uri,s anvils




1300mm x800 mm and100 mm thick has an eight missing 

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Hey fergy, that's some shop you have there at Cowtown to handle that sort of serious gear.

I can relate to your comment about acquiring an anvil in Australia. I would still be trying if I hadn't had the good fortune to pick up a nice Hay Budden freight free from the U.S.

Don't forget to show us a pic of the finished anvil. Great project!

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Well then a bit of heavy steel sculpting should be a snap! Tho traditinal london paters are common, many old spanish anvils were stake anvils, easy to lay out on a large bit of scrap and cut out several. Since your turning a horn, cuting out a series of large "L"s weld on your horn and a cunk of tool steel in the middle.  

Joc Demsie has a nice page on anvil construction on anvilfire. He has a nice trick or two. It gets your mind working. Such as milling a hardy hole in a peice then welding it on, cuting deep fillets on 3 sides and a small one on the top to get full penitration welds wile leaving only a small weld on the face, etc. a 8x4" post with a round and square horn welded on would be relitively easy for you, if you slot your hardy in the horns before welding on thet saves a bit of welding. 

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Yes Charles I seen that page only last week 

that was the moment I decided I would make my own anvil 

the guru has some good plans on making an anvil but have not seen a completed one on there like his plans

i will get the priceless holes drilled at the profile cutters and a 60 mm hole drilled for my hardy. 

I will then cut and shape some 60mm bar and then weld together and weld into anvil top 

top is going to cost $260au 200x900x60mm bis 80 cut and chamfered and drilled 


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Inhavent either, but it gets you thinking about how to peice together an anvil from heavy plate, or bar stock. 

As a farrier I'm used to working over the waist of a 4" face. This means that the anvil has lage overhanges. In reality a 4" post with about 12" of horn hanging of each side would work very well for the tyoe of forging I do. 

I advice folks to chalk an "X" over the center if the waist and ain the hammer at the center and move the work under the hammer. 

Of corse all those special proceeders are another matter. 


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Maybe the topic is a bit of a lie as I have now acquired a block of what I am told is carbon steel 

the block is 770mm x 660mm x 280mm thick 

I'm told that it is a billet from the westrail workshops 

it should get delivered here Friday

pics to follow 

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That's one BIG block of steel, Fergy. I imagine in a shop like yours you'll have the machinery to handle it. I fed those dimensions into a steel weight calculator and it comes in at 1117 kg or about 2460 pounds!

Please post pics!

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  • 4 months later...

Well seeing that this has not progressed far I have today ordered an anvil

it is to be a 130 kg dobbie cast 8630?

in a London pattern 

any thoughts welcome 

they have asked what hardness I would like it. Now I know enough about hardness to know I don't want It as hard as ####

but how hard do I want it ?



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